An In-Home Tap Solution for Craft Brew


The SYNEK (“sin-eck) – named as an ode to all the non-believers and cynics that didn’t believe in the company’s instituting concept – is the first ever crowd-sourced countertop beer dispenser.

According to his Kickstarter bio, in 2013, St. Louis, Missouri’s Steve Young started to take sharp notice of the craft beer industry as a stock market analyst. He wanted to know how the craft beer industry was making these great strides and what risk factors could cause it to become a ‘bubble’ like the industry saw in the 1990s. Steve began to travel the U.S. to talk to the top craft breweries and home brewing associations to learn everything that was impacting the industry right from the source.

Young’s discovery was that brewers around the world were overwhelmingly plagued with the same issue: “We make amazing beer, but we can’t get it into our customers’ homes and make money at the same time. If there was a way to create a growler that maintained our beer’s quality longer than two days, it would change everything.” SYNEK is Young’s answer to the beer-packaging epidemic.

The secret to the in-home tap is a special SYNEK Cartridge that fills to a gallon of beer and maintains quality and freshness for 30+ days. CO2 is used to prevent oxygen from coming into contact with the beer. The result: tap room quality beer.

Young and company are currently amidst a 35+ city tour celebrating the official launch of the SYNEK. Check out their events page for upcoming events as well as video recaps from each of their stops – including, but not limited to, Cleveland, Detroit and Chicago.


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