Paper Darts Pop-Up Joins Forces with Thirty Two Magazine for a Movable Feast with Creative Possibilities

Don’t expect to be glued
to your seat the whole night. Instead, get ready for a grown-up game of musical
chairs. No, you won’t run around frantically looking for an empty seat, but you
will have to hop up and change spots more than once. Why? It’s all part of
Katie Eggers’ vision for a series of movable feasts to get people talking about how to make the future even brighter for the Twin

“Each dinner brings
people together over questions that we hope will inspire creative answers and
ideas of how to make these visions a reality,” said Eggers, the founder of
thirty two magazine.

 Paper Darts Pop-Up, a six-week event series sponsored by Minneapolis literary arts magazine, Paper Darts, and SooLOCAL (a division of SooVAC), will host Eggers first feast, complete with appetizers and interesting conversation starters.

The Skinny:

  • Fun Fact: Group activities make Katie Egger, founder of thirty two magazine uneasy. Her goal is to make this group event fun and easygoing.
  • A Movable Feast: Urban Gatherings to Celebrate the Cities
  • Sunday, June 30, 7-10 p.m.
  • SooLOCAL
    3506 Nicollet Ave.,
    Minneapolis, MN 55408
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Here’s how it works:

  • Eggers will ask the group
    a question such as, “What do you like about the Twin Cities?” or “What do you
    wish we had here?”
  • Everyone will writer their answer on the tablecloth in front of them.
  • Here’s where the musical chairs comes in — before Eggers asks the next question, everyone will move one spot to the left or right.
  • Then Eggers will ask another question, such as, “What’s one thing you would want to change?” Feast-goers will need to writer their answer down on the tablecloth in front of their new seat. 

The goal is to encourage people
to share ideas, and (hopefully) collaborate together on creative solutions to
incorporate the arts in urban design, and make the city a better place to live.

“Great things tend to
happen when strangers meet at a dinner table,” Eggers said. “The best dinner parties are the ones with the best
conversation. That’s all we’re trying to facilitate.”

To join in on the
conversation, buy tickets here.