Ask A Midwesterner: Johanna Brannan Lowe, Food and Prop Stylist


Photo credit: Jonas Jungblut

A not too messy, but not too delicate drip of melted ice cream down a waffle cone. Perfectly fluffed pillows on a sofa with a book open to the exact right page and a visibly steaming cup of Earl Grey on a side table.

A photographer shooting for magazine spread doesn’t just click and hope for the best. That’s a stylist’s job. The details. Those little-things-a-person-would-never-think-of type of details. And Johanna Brannan Lowe, a food and prop stylist based in Chicago but born in London, is at the top of this field. She has styled for Crate and Barrel, Food & Wine Magazine, KitchenAid, and Conde Nast Traveller Magazine among many other clients. She is also the owner of Parchment Studio in Chicago and it’s new extension, Parchment House, a 1920’s farmhouse in Michigan.

We put this Chicagoan we all wish ran our Instagram accounts through our 18-question ringer to see where her Midwest roots (and tastes) lie.

Favorite place in the Midwest?
SW Michigan

What temperature is considered warm enough for no coat?

48 degrees

Favorite meal to cook?

Roast Chicken

What’s a
hidden gem in your city?
My studio

Local coffee shop of choice?


Go-to pizza toppings?


Soda or Pop?


Duck Duck Goose or Duck Duck Grey Duck?

I’m English, I have no idea!

Favorite condiment?


Favorite local brewery?


Can you name all the ingredients in puppy chow?

I hope not.

How many shovels do you own?
5 snow, 1 garden

Favorite food on a stick?


Skiing or wakeboarding?

Apres Ski

Signature drink order?

French 75

Mississippi River or Great Lakes?

Great Lakes

Favorite Midwestern artist?

Paul Octavious

Favorite building in the Midwest?

My barn – Parchment House

Featured Image courtesy of Jason Little

Connect with Johanna Brannan Lowe
Twitter: @johannablowe
Instagram: @johannalowe