Moving Pictures

Homesick for Chicago

Created by Underscore Films, ‘Homesick Chicago’ captures astonishing drone footage of the Windy City.

“It’s hard to say goodbye to someone you love but nothing can prepare you to say goodbye to your city. We were born here, had our hearts broken then mended and we grew up into business men. Chicago is something you have to let into your soul to understand. Although our careers lead us out west to Los Angeles, our hearts will forever remain in the Windy City.”

Promoting a bike first company culture

Perkins + Will Chicago designed this bike friendly headquarters for Chicago based SRAM, the worlds second largest manufacturer of bicycle parts. With a modern open aesthetic, indoor bicycle track and ample storage racks for employees bikes the space invites collaboration and promotes a bike first company culture.

Compliments of Perkins+Will

Cityscape Chicago II

Cityscape Chicago II is a personal timelapse piece that I have worked on periodically over the past two years. The inspiration behind the project ties similarly with the original piece. As the city of Chicago continues to change, my fascination with it grows as well. The goal for me is always to capture the city in a unique way from new perspectives, and to continue exploring it.

The time lapse sequences in this video were all shot on the Canon 5D Mark III and various lenses. Motion control used in the making of the piece was provided by the Kessler CineDrive and Second Shooter.

Kansas City Lights

Dan Wood visited more than 30 Kansas City architectural landmarks over six months to capture the 6,900 photos necessary to create this stunning tour of the city. With original music by local composer Josh Wise, the video brings the city’s iconic architecture to life.

Kansas City Lights from Dan Wood on Vimeo.

A Sneak Peek At Spoon & Stable

The much-anticipated Spoon & Table restaurant will open soon in Minneapolis’ North Loop. Restauranteur Gavin Kaysen takes Mpls.St.Paul Magazine on a tour of the space. Catch a glimpse of the mouth-watering dishes and the side of history that comes with the venue. Old Prohibition tunnels run under the space and Kaysen embraces his new restaurant’s old past.

Sobremesa Supper Club

Explore one of the best-kept secrets of Chicago’s underground dining scene, the Sobremesa Supper Club. Run by a close group of friends and family, the supper club prepares an ever-changing array of vegetable-forward, locally-sourced Latin-inspired dishes.

Studio Gang Architects’ Shoreland Reinvention

Jimmy Hoffa used to have a room at Chicago’s historic Shoreland hotel before it became a University of Chicago dormitory. Now, world-renowned firm Studio Gang Architects has transformed it into a residential tower with new public spaces. Look inside the renovation of an architectural classic in this new video.

Shoreland from Studio Gang on Vimeo.

A Stunning Animation by Caleb Wood

Prove Gallery asked Minneapolis artist and RISD graduate, Caleb Wood, to install an animation in its Duluth space. So Wood started drawing on the gallery’s walls. What he ended up with was a “continuous vertical digression,” or a series of static drawings that when viewed one after the other in rapid succession would create the frames of traditional animation piece. The video is that stunning digression put in motion.

Graphic Designer Wesley Taylor Pushes Artistic Collaboration in Detroit

Wesley Taylor isn’t reinventing the city he calls home; Detroit has been around far too long for that, he said. But he is looking to push creative boundaries through collaboration. The energy and history of the city, combined with the endless outlets for collaboration and expression give the graphic designer and artist a reason to stay. Here he talks about his life, work and latest installation Complex Movements, which like the city itself draws from music, art and design to create an immersive experience.

Drift Crafts Well-Designed Glasses in the Windy City

Unable to find a pair of eyeglasses that fit his personal aesthetic and needs, Chris Mantz decided to take matters in his own hands. He founded Drift Eyewear with the goal of creating unique frames handcrafted from sustainable and recyclable products right in the heart of his hometown, Chicago. Mantz believes that designing and manufacturing his products in the city is a large part of their appeal. “It may not be as trendy to be producing in Chicago, but if it’s made in [here] it has a level of quality and respect that you may not get in another city.” As demand grows, he seems to be right.