Daily Pics

Five Modern Homes With A Small Footprint

These five homes – all under 500 square feet – prove that your don’t need a big space to make a big impression. Photo courtesy of Tim Bies.

Wooden Designs

Think wood gives your space a rustic feel? Try again. Check out these examples of integrating wood into the modern home.

Autumn Heat

7 outdoor fireplaces with a modern flair.

Photo courtesy of Spencer Lowell.

Stunning Stairs

22 examples of step design that will leave you swooning.


Photo courtesy of Atmos Studio.



An Architect’s Playground

Architect-designed playgrounds from around the world.

White Palette Wonders

How an all-white palette can add some serious luxury to your bathroom.

A Midwestern Harvest

Make the most of this season’s fresh tomatoes with these delicious recipes.

Sherry + Sugar

The Sherry Cobbler, a classic drink that dates back to the 1830s, makes its way into the Chicago mixology scene. Photo: The Dogma Group.

Hemp’s Architectural Comeback

Alternet profiles America’s first environmentally-friendly hemp house. Photo courtesy of Push Design.

Geodesic Domes

Are geodesic domes the perfect modern architecture solution? Natural Spaces Domes thinks so. They shared this photo of a dome currently under construction in Afton, Minn. The dome features a two story extension as well as a garage.

Small Space Living

Houzz’s feature on Small Space Living takes a hint from the Minnesota design scene: pictured in their stylish set-up are pieces from both Eastvold and Blu Dot.

Michigan Hits SXSW

The Creative Many Michigan House is a home away from home for the Great Lake State’s hard-earned style and legacy of creativity. Outfitted in an expertly curated collection of Michigan-Made furniture, art, and design, the House serves as the host site for four days of Michigan-centric programming, dialogue, connecting, and entertainment during South by Southwest.


This cabin sits on a 40-acre site in Mazama, Washington, but we think it would be perfect for the Upper Midwest. The structure is “virtually indestructible” with a steel exterior, and is designed to be completely shuttered when not in use. Tour the thoroughly modern and experimental interior on Arch Daily.

Shinola’s Maker Series

Shinola is hosting their latest Maker Series event at their Minneapolis store. Nathan O’Malley of Leather Works Minnesota will be on-hand to talk about his belt making process and what it means to be an American maker. Provisions will be provided by The Minnesota Spoon. Stop by 228 Washington Ave N on Friday, Feb. 20 from 6 to 9 p.m.

Winter Biking

Did you bike on Winter Bike to Work Day? The Minneapolis Bike Coalition shared this photo of some of the frosty two-wheeled travelers who made it despite the weather.


Argaman & Defiance

It’s definitely scarf weather–but Argaman & Defiance’s handmade scarves make an ideal fashion touch all year round. These 100% silk, hand-dyed scarves continue to catch our eye.


History Uncovered

Visitors have been drawn to the Detroit Institute of Arts to see Diego Rivera’s murals for decades. A new film was just unearthed showing the painting process from start to finish. Much of the footage has never been showed to the public, but the DIA will screen it for audiences beginning this March.


Midwestern Delicious

Amy Thielen’s latest book The New Midwestern Table serves up a delicious array of heartland-inspired dishes, including this recipe for Old-Fashion Potato Doughnuts. Midwest Living has the recipe, based on Thielen’s grandmother’s farmhouse cooking. Cook up your own!

LEED Beauty

This home is a game-change: its the first ever detached, single-family home in Illinois to receive full LEED certification. It was finished in 2008 and features a unique design based on six, exposed steel columns that support the structure. The exterior is crafted from glass and stained cedar cladding. The interior shows just how much warmth you can add to steel: see the inside with Jetson Green.

Crucial Cocktail Details

For cocktail enthusiasts, Crucial Detail has the perfect accessory: the Porthole Infusers. These oh-so-stylish liquor vessels let you add all kinds of unique flavors to your spirits. They’re a favorite of The Aviary in Chicago, routinely voted one of the best bars in the country.

A Colorful World

Eccentric Prism highlights the work of Minneapolis-based artist Jennifer Davis, who captures surreal and fascinating scenes in her colorful paintings. See the full profile of Davis work on Eccentric Prism.

Corktown Farmers Market

A much-awaited farmers market is coming to the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit. The Corktown Farmers Market will open in May between the Lodge Service Drive and Detroit Institute of Bagels. Can’t wait to see what delicious treats local food stands will offer.

American Makers To Watch

Apartment Therapy released their list of American Makers To Watch and one of our favorites out of Kansas City made the cut. Easy, Tiger makes cards, glassware, shirts and more, all with a wild sense of humor and keen eye for design. Check out Apartment Therapy’s full list.

People Tend To Sit

Chicago artist Annie Feldmeier Adams organizes installations of donated chairs, each painted and designed by community members, graffiti artists and passersby. The installation is called “People Tend To Sit Where There Are Places To Sit” and aims to encourage conversation in community spaces.

America’s Best Doughnuts

Don’t read this while you’re hungry: Food & Wine has released their list of America’s Best Doughnuts. Chicago has three entries on the list: Glazed & Infused nabs a spot with their Maple Bacon Long John, Do-Rite can do no wrong, and the Doughnut Vault gets some love for their sweet treats as well. St. Louis also shines with The Donut Stop and apple fritters. Road trip, anyone? See the complete list.