Courting a Chef: How Grinnell, IA Attracted Some Delicious Talent

What’s the best way for a small town to fill an
empty storefront? A contest, of course. And that’s exactly how Grinnell, IA
decided to fill that empty space with a tasty new option. Forty-four
submissions later and after competing head-to-head against two other chefs,
Carly Groben walked away victorious in “Iowa’s Best Bite Restaurant Challenge.”
Last fall Groben opened her new restaurant, the Prairie Canary, serving options
such as buttermilk poppy-seed pancakes and the Canary Burger, complete with
blue cheese, bacon and caramelized red onion. Read more about the contest and
the Prairie Canary’s Midwestern food with a flair at The New York

Source: New York Times