Historic Public Square Revitalized in Cleveland

All eyes recently turned to Cleveland, Ohio while the city hosted the 2016 Republican National Convention. This three-day political spectacle brought thousands upon thousands of visitors to the lakeside city, and put Cleveland on national and international display. Having been awarded the convention in 2014, the city of Cleveland worked vigorously to put its best foot forward. Its newly-renovated Cleveland Public Square shone especially bright and is a prime example of their efforts.

A decade’s worth of planning was put into action to revamp the Cleveland Public Square – ensuring that the city was ready for its moment in primetime. Landscape architects at James Corner Field Operations called on Wisconsin-based Tectura Designs to manufacture the square’s centerpiece. 1,200 pieces of custom precast concrete – weighing in at over 2 million pounds – were used to bring the artistic vision to life. These custom pieces of concrete make up the winding walkways and the square’s gently cresting wave wall, which encapsulates the beautiful green space in the center of the square – evoking images of nearby Lake Eire. Cleveland Public Square is a prime example of what can happen when beautiful design is married with impeccable execution. The resulting space is equal parts artistic and durable.

The City of Cleveland, in conjunction with James Corner Field Operations and Tectura Designs, catapulted the Cleveland Public Square into the modern day with an updated design and materials designed to last generations. The square now serves as a supremely walkable, beautiful hub for the people of Cleveland and is perhaps one of the city’s greatest architectural achievements to date!