Meet Your Maker

Damon Davis a.k.a. “Loose Screwz”

Prologue III

Photo from Damon Davis

Meet Damon Davis. Pushing boundaries with innovative sound storytelling in St. Louis.

What do you do?

“That’s a difficult question to ask. I like ‘interdisciplinary artist.'”

What role should music or art play in our lives?

“I think music is the strongest communication tool available to human beings simply because it’s based on vibration. Everything in life is based on vibration. You don’t have to speak the language of the person or anything, but if you can play the right series of notes, you can make somebody cry. You can make them laugh. You know what I mean? I think it’s the purest form of communication. I think people should remember that and when it’s time to communicate, we should use it a lot more [because] we get mixed up in words or different languages and social norms. But music is pure. There’s nothing there. There are no predispositions. I think it can bring us a lot closer together if we use it right.”