Meet Your Maker

Meet Your Maker: V33 Leather

Photos by Gretchen Robinette.

Meet Vera Pierach, the self-taught woman behind the fine leather goods brand, V33. With a background in design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Pierach found her true passion in leatherwork. Her well-constructed pieces are made to stand the test of time. And with wear – the luster and texture improves with time- each leather adornment becomes as unique as you are.

Read more about V33’s story in our exclusive Modern Midwest Q&A.

Modern Midwest: Tell us a little about yourself. What’s your background?
Vera Pierach: Hello there. My name is Vera Pierach, sole operator and soul operator of V33. Though I am self-taught in the world of making fine leather goods, I owe the fine-tuning of my abilities to the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. While there I was able to hone my love of working with various materials and eventually found my true passion in leather. I come from a long line of magical people who either as a hobby or trade, worked with their hands to create fabulous items that inspired me along the way.

MM: Tell us about your company.
VP: V33 is a tiny leather goods company that is sprouting it’s wings. With lofty goals V33 wants to adorn all those who share the thought that there is always a choice. Yes something functional can be the missing link in your ensemble and why not make it a signature piece?  Jeans and a tee shirt can become more fabulous by throwing on a rockin’ bracelet or necklace. V33 leather goods are made to withstand daily use. As used, the luster and texture improves making it more and more, uniquely yours.

MM: When/why was it born?
VP: V33 has been a work in progress. From dabbling in other mediums over the years, leather is the vehicle to really seeing all of my ideas come to fruition and make my goods withstand the test of time.

MM: What’s your creative process like?
VP: Guided by the compulsion to create and simply not being able to help myself, everyday I dream it up and make it happen. To me there is nothing more exciting and inspiring than buying a new skin of leather, or finding some great hardware and letting my hands and mind drift over the possibilities.

MM: What makes the Midwest, specifically Minnesota, special?
VP: Definitely all of the “hot dishes”! Minnesotans are a hardy wonderful lot with tons to offer. They are dictated by all five senses while sucking the marrow out of life! Minnesota and all it has to offer is never lost on those lucky enough to call it home!

MM: What’s one thing a non-Minnesota native should know about the city?
VP: Minneapolis only has two seasons according to Scott Sekins. It’s pretty much black and white.

MM: Where do you get your inspiration?
VP: Often it comes out of the observations that I make out of the corner of my eye, reshaping and rethinking the obvious.

MM: What’s something new – or challenging – that you’re working on?
VP: One word. Website.

MM: Any fun facts about the brand or making process that you’d like to share?
VP: V33 is my passion. My items are lovingly hand made to bring out your power. Use it wisely!


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