Mill City Men Shows You Eight Hot Moccasin Looks


What’s one thing Kate Moss, Reese Witherspoon and menswear designer Matt Baldwin have in common? No, it’s not their good looks (though that’s #2), but what they’re wearing on their feet: Minnetonka Moccasins.

“Once you wear them, you’re hooked,” said Michael Dodes, founder of the blog Mill City Men, a photographic journal that captures stylish men in Minneapolis and St. Paul.

The 24-year-old photographer isn’t ashamed to admit he owns nearly 30 pairs of shoes, but he said few are as comfortable, or as versatile, as his pair of Minnetonka original cowhide driving mocs.

“They have this unique blend of styles that can go from day to night, from casual to formal depending on your needs. For the average modern man who’s living, working and playing in any urban city, that’s what he wants,” Dodes said. “He knows he doesn’t want to carry around three pairs of shoes. The great thing about Minnetonka is that he doesn’t have to.”

 “They have this unique blend of styles that can go from day to night.”
Michael Dodes

Recently, Dodes took to the streets of the Twin Cities to photograph men who emulate that effortless style the Minnesota-based moccasin company is known for.

“They’re completely different guys, but they all found this common thread with Minnetonka,” Dodes said of the eight men featured in the look book.

“The comfort is the clincher I think,” said Minnetonka marketing director, Kalyn Waters. “People might like them because they’re stylish, they’ve seen them in magazines or they grew up with them, but once people own a pair they’re hooked.”

Dodes—who now owns six pairs of Minnetonka mocs—couldn’t agree more.

Chukka Boot

Street Moc

Leather Laced Softsole

Double Deerskin Softsole

Moosehide Driving Moc

Classic Moc

Venetian Slip-On

Double Bottom Fleece

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