Mom’s Search for Natural

The term natural is something Shawn Sullentrup takes seriously. The mother of two behind the Missouri company, Good Clean Soap, even goes so far as to use ground up parsley as a colorant in her green (literally) soaps.

“Each ingredient has to be vegan and have a purpose,” said Sullentrup. “I like minimal, easy-to-read ingredients that work hard.”

Sullentrup never intended to start a skincare line, but when her youngest daughter was diagnosed with eczema and psoriasis, she started searching for alternative options (steroid and chemical free) to soothe her daughter’s skin.

“I would read anything from books about the folklore of medicinal herbs, to science articles on the benefits of a particular oil,” Sullentrup said.

What she came up with was a soap recipe that cleared her daughter’s skin of the dry, red areas that dotted her face, arms and scalp. In 2011, Sullentrup launched her hobby into a business.

“Good Clean Soap is more than just really great skincare products,” Sullentrup said. “It’s really about families; families that want simplicity, wholesomeness and healthier options.”

“Each product is completely handmade from my own carefully formulated recipes,” said Sullentrup. She mixes the oils, slices each round soap and preps lotion and sugar scrubs in small batches of four or five jars to ensure freshness.

Sullentrup often finds ingredients at the local farmers market, and even grows her own aloe vera, peppermint and lemon grass.

“I feel a huge sense of obligation in the ingredients to use only the best because families are trusting me to deliver wholesome skincare products,” Sullentrup said. “That is a responsibility I don’t take lightly.”