My Modern Midwest: City Exploring

Julia Britkovskaya makes Chicagoland look like a wonderland. The freelance photographer seeks to tell stories with her pictures and you can find her work on Instagram @arlekina. My Modern Midwest, she tells the story of a day spent exploring the city and braving it’s tempestuous weather. From pockets of sun to brewing storm clouds, Britkovskaya makes the city shine in any light.

“In the City Jungle”: Welcome to my beautiful city!

“Cityscape Reflections”: Walking down the peaceful lakeshore can do wonders for the mind.


“The Calm Before The Storm”: Chicago is a moody city when it comes to weather; always be prepared.


“Guardians of the Riverwalk”: Magnificent architecture on the Chicago Riverwalk.

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“City Escape”: Watching the sun set on Chicago’s cityscape is a truly special moment.


“The Tallest Giant”: Truly the greatest giant in our city: the Sears Tower (now Willis…).