My Modern Midwest: The St. Louis Skyline

“You can’t spell “style” without STL.” That’s the slogan for STL-Style, the St. Louis-inspired graphic design and apparel company that’s earned mentions on the pages of The New York Times and Fast Company.

Co-founder Randy Vines is a St. Louis native, and he practically radiates hometown pride. He’s actively engaged in urban revitalization efforts and historic preservation projects all around the city. His STL-Style co-founder Jeff Vines, who also happens to be his identical twin brother, is equally beaming with #STL pride. The two have made it their mission to share the greatness of St. Louis with the world.

For My Modern Midwest, Randy selected his favorite shots of the St. Louis skyline. St. Louis might be known for its arch, which makes a few cameos in this selection, but Randy shows the city is breathtaking all on its own.


There are cool cities, and then there are cool cities. #stl


The skies in St. Louis are an almost unreal blue.


The storms roll in.


Spot the Arch.


St. Louis in blue hues.


There’s nothing quite like sneaking up to the roof of my old apartment building to get incredible views of downtown.


From this height, the neighborhoods become an urban forest.


Can’t resist a rooftop shot.


St. Louis, the LA of the Midwest.