New Gallery Public Functionary Readies Its First Show

What does it take to create a new art gallery? Tricia
Khutoretsky, director and curator of a new Minneapolis art gallery called Public Functionary, knows it takes a
lot of collaborating, coordinating and hard work.

Khutoretsky gives us a first-hand look of what goes into the
day-to-day operations of opening up a new art gallery.

Public Functionary opens with their inaugural show, “DZINE: Victory”
on April 20. The gallery is hosting a
free opening reception from 8 to 11p.m.DZINE:
Victory” runs through May 31.

We had a chance to ask Khutoretsky a few questions about
Public Functionary.



  • Fun Fact: The train trestle outside Public Functionary’s
    building inspired the gallery’s logo.
  • Public Functionary
    1400 12th Ave. N.E.
    Minneapolis, MN, 55413
    “DZINE: Victory” opening reception April 20, 8
    to 11 p.m.

What is
Public Functionary?

Public Functionary is a new contemporary art
space in Minneapolis. We exhibit both national and local artists, with a focus
on innovative exhibit design, providing context and engaging a diverse audience
in a way that transcends art elitism and is approachable without compromising

Where did
the idea to create the gallery come from?

Myself and my collaborators (Permanent Art and
Design) have all spent a lot of time working in the Twin Cities with art and
art spaces in various capacities. Both observation and participation led to
opportunities to evaluate what does and doesn’t work. We’re hoping that this
gallery breaks rules and thinks differently, because while the Twin Cities
doesn’t necessarily need another art space, it always has room for new ideas
and innovation.  We’re inspired by the community we live and work in, and
the only reason to develop a project as ambitious as this one, would be to add
something valuable to it.

Tell me about
your first artist, Dzine.

Dzine is a Chicago-based artist, so I love the
fact that it is close enough as another major Midwestern city for there to be
connection and familiarity. Beyond that, his art is fascinating to me, my
favorite kind of art… full of story and cultural context. The craftsmanship and
flawless detail in his work is something that artists should strive for, it’s
special in our mass-produced touch screen society.  I wanted to start with
an artist that would make a statement for Public Functionary, and I have no
doubt that Dzine does just that. He is a unique artist, and we are a unique art
space. I think the Twin Cities will be excited and inspired by his work.

What do you
most love about your job as curator and director at Public Functionary?

I love working with artists.
They’re crazy and unpredictable, but in the best sort of way because they have
a way of always making you understand something more about yourself. Also, I
think art can be both untouchable and immersive, but it needs to exist
somewhere within that balance to have value. Finding that balance and making it
relevant to the Twin Cities is my current challenge as a director and curator
of a new space. But, I happen to love a good challenge and I can’t imagine
immersing my time into a career that didn’t inspire me daily.