Pin Partner: Monica Bowman, director at The Butcher’s Daughter

Monica Bowman comes from a long line
of butchers. While the gallery director at The Butcher’s Daughter may prefer to
work with art instead of meat, she’s still learned a thing or two from the
family trade.

“I view my specialties as [they]
relate to art, analogous to what you’d expect from your butcher: integrity,
fresh products and rigor in terms of connoisseurship and experience,” Bowman

Bowman opened her gallery in 2009
after completing her M.A. in museum studies at Georgetown University. The name
of the gallery pays homage to the line of work that runs among the men in her family.

 “No one wants to
buy meat, let alone art, from a supplier that lies, sells rotten products, or
is careless or lazy about their trade,” Bowman said.

After nearly four years and 20
exhibitions, Bowman decided to move her gallery from Ferndale to Midtown
Detroit. The 750 square feet of the space wasn’t big enough to accommodate the
hundreds of people coming to the gallery’s openings.

This week Modern Midwest features Bowman as our weekly pin
partner. Each day the gallery director will share a pin showcasing one of her current Midwest inspirations on our Pinterest page. Follow
her picks here.

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