Pub Pass Takes You On A Year-Long Pub Crawl



Pack your sense of adventure and a Pub Pass — tonight you’re going somewhere new. The Pub Pass, the brainchild of Nick Dyer and Rett Martin, comes with coupons for 25 free beers at 25 bars across the Twin Cities. Consider it a license to break out from your neighborhood bar and explore new watering holes. The featured bars range from hundred-year-old establishments to new brewpubs; just pick a page in your Pub Pass and hit the town.

Dyer and Martin launched the Pub Pass in January; it retails for $25. We asked them a few questions about their gig as hop-happy tour guides.

What did the Pub Pass idea come from? Did it come up over a few beers?

We love exploring bars and our city. We love the history of the old bars that are still around and, of course, we love the new beer that’s coming out of the brewpubs in town. So the idea started more as a tour of these great establishments, but then we added the free beer element.

What’s unique about the Twin Cities bar scene?

The neighborhood dive bars here have been extremely resilient over time. These bars are some of the oldest operating establishments in our communities — they end up as time capsules. The Twin Cities have some real gems, like The Cardinal, Gluek’s, The Spot, The Rail Station and Neumann’s.

The Pub Pass gets people to try out new bars — do you like to try new places or do you always end up at your old favorites?

We love trying new joints, but we often find ourselves at Sportsman’s or The Dubliner.

Has anyone finished the whole pass yet?

We’re not sure if anyone has finished the entire pass yet but we get lots of tweets and posts from PubPassers. People share pictures of where they are and what new beers they are trying @PubPass.

Last question. Breakfast at a bar: yes or no?

Of course. Some of the best breakfasts in town are at bars.

Pub Pass team

Rett Martin and Nick Dyer, breakfast-at-the-bar enthusiasts and the minds behind Pub Pass.