Putting The Pieces Together At Lagomorph Design



Seth Deysach has repeatedly dissected his life and disassembled his career. Each time he puts them together again, they’re even better than before.

As a youngster, he dabbled in the woodshop in his parents’ basement. Later, he ducked in and out of stints at a Chicago bike shop. Somewhere along the way he graduated from the prestigious Kendall College for Culinary Studies.

Yet despite the sort of journey that would make Odysseus proud, Deysach says he’s at last arrived at a place he’s sure will hold his fancy: the Chicago studio of Lagomorph Design, his fast-growing company. It’s there that he and his staff turn out one-of-a-kind furniture and interiors.

From walnut wine cellars to striking orange metal end tables, Deysach’s projects evoke his eclectic range of influences. Even his years at the bike shop have found a way into his work: he uses welds more commonly seen on bikes to finish some of his furniture.

His workspace has a rich history, just like Deysach himself. A former Hammond organ factory, the 40,000-square-foot building is now the home of Dock 6, a collective of independent designers, furniture-makers and fabricators that work individually and collectively.

Deysach, one of seven designers in the collective, would be the first to admit he didn’t see himself landing here. But that seems to be part of the magic – putting things together the way he has requires the sort of inspiration that only comes from unique and disparate elements.

His customers agree — Deysach puts things together beautifully.


Deysach and his team at Lagomorph Design.