RECAP: MCAD Art Sale in Photos

Couldn’t make it to the MCAD art sale last night? Don’t fret. We captured some of the highlights for you. Like what you see? There’s still time to head to the sale tonight for round two, where more than 6,000 pieces of art are still for sale (plus, ticket are only $25 a piece). Or, wait until the free-for-all (literally) on Saturday when MCAD waives its ticket price for buyers who still want to shop the sale.

The print makers put on an exceptional display last night (top right). We easily spent a third of our time perusing the work in that section. When we circled back later on, the portrait of the woman was gone. We heard several buyers exclaim what a great deal the work in this section was. Below is a close-up of one of the works that resonated with us that used fragments of European maps.

Look closely: this is a map of the United States…in guns.

This little cove beneath the stairs, with its hanging pieces of illumination, is just magical. Below is a close up of a large white light made from coffee filters. Truly stunning.

Speaking of hidden delights  tucked away in a corner are the comic book illustration students. Seek them out. Look for a tiny hallway jutting off from the photography section. Follow it past the full-size, colorful wall mural to the back and turn left. There you’ll find about 10 or so students drawing away. They’ll even draw your portrait.

One of the comic book students told us the u-shaped configuration of their table was a welcoming gesture: a table reaching out to give a hug! Don’t miss your chance to get to know this unique group of artists.

Follow the hallway past the lighting display towards the back of the sale. There you’ll find a room filled with exceptional paintings and installation work. The mixed media work below covered an entire wall in that gallery. If you look close, the brightly colored, mushroom-shaped objects are actually made from fast food wrappers. The whole wall just radiated this bright white glow.

Within the first few minutes of the sale, buyers were hauling their new-found work to the register. Throughout the sale, top-selling artists rushed to the back room to grab new pieces to restock their wall. All Friday, Lars Mason (the founder of the sale) and his team of students will restock and rehang the walls. Every empty space will be filled in time for the second buying round Friday night.