Alex Drew & No One Brings Unique Design Perspective to the Motor City

"Golden Blaze" Dining Table - Photo compliments of Alex Drew & No One

“Golden Blaze” Dining Table

Dynamic duo Alex Rosenhaus and Drew Arrison make up the Detroit based design studio Alex Drew & No One. This pairing of a Detroit native schooled in furniture design (Alex) and a Memphis native schooled in film and television production (Drew) has shown itself to be a force to be reckoned with in the motor city. With their pieces being named finalists for Martha Stewart’s American Made Competition and being shown at the Architectural Digest Home Design Show, it is safe to say that there is quite a bit of buzz about what is coming out of their Detroit studio.

Their table design, “Golden Blaze,” is a perfect example of how Alex Drew & No One plays with symmetry and perspective to achieve a level of whimsy while remaining true to the modern aesthetic. Constructed out of 23K gold gilded steel legs and a solid walnut top, this table is nothing short of breathtaking in its simple complexity.

Another piece that balances the simple with the complex is their aptly named “Rorschach” table. The Rorschach moniker stems from the symmetrical grain on the gorgeous, butterfly-bookmatched French walnut top. Like the Rorschach inkblot test, each viewer imbues the piece with unique perspective and thus may view it very differently.

What makes the designs of Alex Drew & No One so interesting is that each of their pieces can take on many different feelings based on the perspective of the viewer. Randomness can turn into symmetry and cold hard lines can appear whimsical, but it is all dependent the angle at which the piece is viewed.

Alex Drew & No One’s innovative design, beautiful execution and whimsical modern flair prove to be a winning combination in a burgeoning Detroit furniture scene.


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Cover image by Benjamin Maddox and compliments of Alex Drew & No One
“Goldern Blaze” image 
compliments of Alex Drew & No One