Ann Arbor’s Style Savvy Menswear

Photo courtesy of Corey Boland.

Today Clothing has been a menswear destination since opening its doors in 2013. The 2,000-foot space – formerly an art gallery – is situated at 215 South Fourth Avenue, Ann Arbor, Michigan, in what has become the Ann Arbor shopping district.

Owners Eric Hardin and Kevin Pearson are retail veterans – Hardin with international retail companies and Pearson in wholesale sportswear and fashion.

“We both have worked in the industry for a long time, and I wanted to build something for myself as opposed to building things for other people or brands,” Pearson tells MLive.

And a beautiful thing they have built. Today Clothing has garnered attention from the fashion-forward and creatives alike, as the space is often used to showcase the work of local artists and makers.

“Ann Arbor has a great flow of creativity,” Pearson tells Michigan Daily. “It’s great to be surrounded by young, business-driven people putting quality and experience to the forefront of what they do,” Hardin adds.

The shop’s concrete display tables were hand-poured, a local metalsmith was commissioned to create custom display frames and clothing racks, and a local graphic designer painted the Today Clothing logo on the street-facing windows. You can even buy local art right off of the shelves.

Everything – including the layout – is designed around the boutique’s carefully curated, high-quality wares.

“Most of these brands we curate, domestic and otherwise, mill their own fabric. So we want to pass on that story, that level of care, back to the consumer,” Hardin tells Michigan Daily.

Minimalist and clean, Today Clothing’s open interior displays each piece as if it were a work of art. Whether it be American-made Rancourt boots, Japanese raw denim or the work of local makers like Yoshi Sugiura, Today Clothing’s mix of contemporary goods is hard to find anywhere else.