Ask A Midwesterner: Kim Bartmann, Minneapolis Restaurant Maven

Kim Bartmann at Pat's Tap in Minneapolis

If you ask a Minneapolitan to name their five go-to restaurants, a Kim Bartmann spot is almost guaranteed to make the list. The restaurateur is a powerhouse in the Twin Cities’ food scene, developing delicious fare and fun environments for a laundry list of local restaurants including Pat’s Tap, Bryant Lake Bowl, Barbette, Bread & Pickle, Tiny Diner, The Third Bird, Red Stag Supperclub, and Gigi’s Café. Out of breath? Relax with some bubbly.

Bartmann’s next endeavor is a champagne-centric spot opening this summer as an expansion of Barbette. Trapeze will focus on bubbles and snacks. We will gladly cheers to that!

We put the Twin Cities restaurateur through our 18-question ringer to see where her Midwest roots (and tastes) lie.

Favorite place in the Midwest?
My place on Lost Lake in Sugar Camp, Wisconsin. Nobody would dare make that name combo up in fiction, but for my family & I, it’s real!

What temperature is considered warm enough for no coat?
65; I’m not into this short-wearing in 45 degree weather silliness

Favorite meal to cook?
Right now, we are cooking a lot of heirloom Kokuho Rose rice from Koda Farms in California—both white (sushi rice) and brown—with vegetables, fish, and our favorite, chicken thighs. We just adopted a couple of toddlers, and we are on a mission to feed them well! The kids love the rice, and we’ve successfully converted them to being big fans of broccoli. We’re also playing with Vadouvan spice right now, especially on grilled vegetables tossed in vadouvan, butter, and olive oil. I love combining the butter and olive oil. It tastes great and it’s good for you too!

What’s a hidden gem in your city?
I really love to visit the Eloise Butler Wildflower Garden in Theodore Wirth park. It’s usually a pretty private walk in the woods and a great place for a picnic. We have so many here in the TC. The Bakken Museum can be fun, especially the game where you can beat your opponent by relaxing more than they can! How paradoxical is that?

Local coffee shop of choice?
The fanciest espresso machine around is right in my own office/restaurant Barbette, so I don’t go to coffee shops.

Go-to pizza toppings?
Celery & Garlic!

Soda or Pop?

Duck Duck Goose or Duck Duck Grey Duck?
GOOSE GOOSE GOOSE and please don’t even ASK my sister that question, she gets agitated!

Favorite condiment?
Jane’s Crazy Mixed Up Salt, Mustard Girl mustard

Favorite local brewery?

Can you name all the ingredients in puppy chow?
I get stuck at corn husks, and can’t think beyond that.

How many shovels do you own?
Probably a couple dozen

Favorite food on a stick?
It’s a tie between a giant pickle and a pork chop.

Skiing or wakeboarding?

Signature drink order?
Old Fashioned Sour w/ Rye

Mississippi River or Great Lakes?
Lakes all the way

Favorite Midwestern artist?
The Coen Brothers

Favorite building in the Midwest?
I’m going with the agriculture building at the State Fair!

Featured Image compliment of Barbette.

Connect with Kim Bartmann
Twitter: @kimbartmann