Hidden in the Heartland: Botero’s Dancers


Every day commuters to or from Downtown Minneapolis make their way through a traffic-packed Washington Street – obliviously passing an understated, yet imposing, secret. Standing tall at nine feet – tucked away in a corner facing historic The Depot Minneapolis Renaissance Hotel – lays a masterpiece by one of the world’s most famous living artists, Fernando Botero.

Botero’s “The Dancers” depicts a couple in a subliminal dancing pose. What is possibly most striking about The Dancers are their voluptuous dimensions – a trademark of the Columbian artist’s. The sculpture, installed in 2003, is one of three castings throughout the world – one of which recently sold for $1.7 million.

Fernando Botero’s artwork can been found in museums and cities throughout the world – cities like Singapore, Madrid, New York and Rome. It’s amazing to ponder that such a rare piece by such a renowned artist stands hidden in heartland.