Chicago’s Vintage Audiovisual Equipment with a Modern Twist

Headquartered in the Merchandize Mart on the Near North Side of Chicago is Gramovox. Established in 2013, Gramovox looked to reimagine vintage audiovisual equipment with a modern twist.

This dream of marrying the old and the new was first realized through their Bluetooth Gramophone. The 17-inch tall steel horn pays homage to the earliest days of audio technology, while the electronics housed in the walnut base brings the listening experience solidly into the 21st century. A dual driver design allows the high and mid-range tones to be heard through the horn while the bass tones come through the driver in the base of the speaker. It is safe to say that this is no ordinary Bluetooth speaker.

After the success of its Bluetooth gramophone, Gramovox once again looked to juxtapose vintage and modern and what they came up with could not be any cooler. The floating record quite literally turned the turntable on its head as the record is played vertically as opposed to the traditional horizontal. This feat of modern engineering makes putting on a record a visual as much as an auditory experience. The elegance of the floating record lies not only in the vertical turntable, but also in the sleek space saving design of its base. Like the Bluetooth Gramophone all of the electronic components are stowed away in a modern wooden base.

Gramovox has succeeded in their goal of marrying vintage and modern in such a way that it makes it exciting and accessible. Needless to say, we are looking forward to what comes next from Gramovox.



Written by Adam Murray

Images courtesy of Gramovox