Food Trucks of the Midwest

It’s no secret that the food truck scene has exploded throughout the Midwest, and the country. With so many tasty food options available, we’ve put together a shortlist of some of our favorites – hailing from Minneapolis, MN all the way to Cleveland, Ohio.

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Yum Dum Truck | Chicago,IL

Yum Dum Truck is food truck serving fresh authentic homestyle Asian fare. Chef Jeff Wang traces back many of the recipes he serves to the food his mom served him as a kid. One of their most popular dishes is there Kimcheesy Rice balls. These fried rice balls mix traditional tangy kimchi with rice and cheese and fry the panko breading to a delectable crispness. This is one food truck we definitely suggest tracking down.

FT1Image compliments of Yum Dum Truck

Lulu’s Local Eatery | St. Louis, MO

This vegetarian food truck is committed to using natural, organic, and local food has taken this commitment to the next level by affixing an herb and vegetable garden to its roof. The vegetarian fare coming out of Lulu’s truck and newly opened brick and mortar space will appeal to vegetarians and non-vegetarians alike. Their Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger sounds particularly appetizing: a house-made sweet potato black bean patty on a pretzel bun is topped with fresh greens, red onion and spicy chipotle sauce. Needless to say foodies of all varieties will be pleased by the veggie fare coming out of Lulu’s.

FT2Image compliments of Lulu’s

Brooks High Beer Battered | Minneapolis, MN

Brooks High has centered their food truck around one ingredient: beer. They have partnered with craft breweries across the twin cities to get the best and most innovative new beers to incorporate into their beer battered goodness. Their menu consists of Midwestern favorites such as a walleye fish sandwich and white cheddar cheese curd all using their rotating menu of beer batters. Their Bluegill Sliders with a base of truckmade tartar and topped with truckmade spicy pickles are the perfect lunch on a summer day, or as a dinner while enjoying a brew at a Twin cities brewery.

FT3Image compliments of Brooks High Beer Battered

Stockyard | Detroit, MI

What started as a supper club in Pontiac, Michigan has grown and evolved eventually adding a food trailer serving delectably gourmet sandwiches to hungry folks in the metro Detroit area. Their food truck menu consists of a bevvy of mouthwatering sandwich options such as the pork shoulder with apple slaw, peanut and apricot BBQ sauce or Korean beef with cucumber, cilantro, pickled carrot and swiss and chili aioli. If you are looking for something in addition to a gourmet sandwich, look no further than the loaded tater tots topped with chorizo, cherry peppers, aioli and scallions. This Motor City food truck is sure to fill you up.

PT4Image compliments of Stockyard

Localmotive | Omaha, NE

Taking farm to table to the streets is Omaha food truck Localmotive. The creative minds behind Localmotive have seamlessly melded the ingredients first attitude of the farm to table movement with the accessibility and fun of street food. This is exemplified in their sourdough dumplings called rounders, which contain a wide range of delicious fillings. Their herb and egg rounder is filled with egg, “fines-herbes”, swiss and red pepper coulis while their reuben rounder is filled with the traditional corned beef, sauerkraut, swiss and remoulade. Each Localmotive rounder sounds better than the last and we’d love to try them all.

FT5Image compliments of Localmotive

Scratch | Indianapolis, IN

Scratch is a food truck dedicated to providing comfort food with a modern twist for the hungry people of Indianapolis. Everything on their menu brings to mind great home cooking, but has that little something extra that elevates it to a whole other level. Their Scratch Burger for example starts off on a familiar foot with a 1/3 pound ground beef patty, but then raises the stakes with toppings of bacon marmalade, arugula and gorgonzola cheese. Topping off a great selection of food options are their delicious and refreshing Basil Lemonade and Mango Mint Lemonade, which are perfect for a hot summer day.

FT6Image compliments of Scratch

Nelly Belly Applewood Fired Pizza | Cleveland, OH

Nelly Belly takes the concept of food truck kitchen and steps it up by making a full wood fired pizza oven mobile. This mobile pizza oven allows Nelly Belly to produce the beautifully charred crust and bubbling melted cheese that makes great pizza great. Their topping choices range from the expected to the inventive, including the Lake Erie Yellow Belly Pie topped with Fried Lake Erie Yellow Perch, Shredded Lettuce, Tomato, Lime Pepper Tartar. This combination of locally sourced fish and wood fired pizza preparation makes for a pizza to go back for over and over.

FT7Image compliments of Nelly Belly Applewood Fire Pizza

Cover image compliments of Brooks High Beer Battered