Get Back To Snail Mail With Cards From Greer


Walk into Chandra Greer’s store and pretty soon your cellphone starts looking like a pretty bleak alternative when it comes to wishing your best friend well on her new job, or telling your brother happy birthday. Greer, her namesake shop in Old Town Chicago, stocks an ever-changing (but always amazing) selection of cards, journals and stationery from more than 100 designers. Every hand-picked piece is bound to make you grab a pen and start scratching out a note.

Greer has helped people kick the habit of well-wishing via Facebook and email since opening her brick-and-mortar location in 2005. Her previous career in advertising convinced her that communication is key; at her shop, she offers endless ways to communicate in style. Stop by and you’ll see that snail mail is back and better than ever.___

Here are 21 cards we’d love to send (or receive!):

If you fall in love with these too, just click the card to get it from Greer.

Made In The Midwest


One of our favorite picks by Greer, the “You’re A Hottie” card speaks to our emotions and taste buds. This spicy gem was illustrated and printed by Minneapolis’ own Catherine Polacek.


Kansas City’s Hammerpress created this card for those who love whiskers, any way they come. For $2.75, I think we fancy all three.


Paying tribute to America’s second-tallest building, the “Willis Tower Birthday” card by Chicago’s La Famillia Green will make the recipient feel like number one.


Chicago’s Snow & Graham has pioneered the use of the letterpress printing in stationery design for 15 years. They continue create modern and vibrant designs, such as the “Scallops Thank You” box, which is sure to show off your appreciation of style.


Know those friends who always make you look at pictures of their dog? Oh, wait…are you that friend? Then you’ve found the perfect card by Chicago’s La Familia Green.


For The Humorist


If you’ve got a lot to say, this Blue Barnhouse card is for you. Put your binge-watching of “House of Cards” on hold for a minute and send it to a friend.


This ode to our favorite supernatural teen sitcom is perfect for the snarky individual who grew up in early 2000 during the Disney Channel’s reign. The “That Was Not So Raven” card says it all. Heck, writing a message inside isn’t even necessary.


This letterpress-printed birthday card from Blue Barnhouse could double as a cover to a Greek tragedy. At $4.50, it’s okay to get old school dramatic for a birthday.


For the couple that agrees to disagree on everything except how much they love each other.


For The Pop Culture Whiz


Blue Barnhouse wins again with arguably the greatest catchphrase of all time. For $5, whether you’re a ‘70s, ‘80s or ‘90s kid, school anyone when things get real.


Flipping the iconic image on its head, Smart Set introduces us to the “Smart Mudflap Girl,” incarnated on silver-embossed heavy stock. Books are hot.


Were you into cards before cards were a thing? Commiserate with this too-cool-for-everything hipster card.


It’s better than yours, and we know you want it — this card from Melissa Rachel Black, that is.


Crazy For Critters1modern_radiance_grande

What could be better than a pink cow? This one from Stumptown Printers that radiates politeness, obviously.

2raven_grande Designer Carolyn Suzuki’s cards are full of imagination. We think this darling raven in a bowtie makes the Poe-fect birthday card! (Ravens and Poe…get it?)

This design by Dee & Lala has us (almost) wanting to hug a skunk! For $5.00, you can wish any li’l stinker in your life a happy birthday.


Cheetah print is in, right? This card is perfect for when “Get Well Soon” isn’t fast enough.


For Modern Design Enthusiasts


For $15.50, you can get a pack of delicate and detailed arrow printed cards from Sycamore Street Press that can be written with any direction in mind.


This $16 set of Malaga cards puts a modern twist on a mesmerizing pattern inspired by Spanish architecture.


Elum revitalizes the art of letterpress printing with its box of “String Theory” notecards that bring a modern look to the age-old practice.


Elegant and neutral. These “Chevron Note De La Mod” patterned cards and envelopes won’t go out of style.

1657 North Wells
Chicago, IL 60614