Meet Your Maker

Garth Borovicka Turns Found Objects Into Heirlooms


Photo from Garth Borovicka

Meet Garth Borovicka. Turning raw materials into heirlooms in Chicago.

What’s the appeal of found objects?

“I use a lot of found wood as a raw material — and rather than hide the life it had, I treat the history of the wood like a design element or an artistic element. If it has nail holes or went through some process, I look at those nail holes or marks as a feature to highlight.”

“I want to make treasured objects that will live for years. The act of creating makes me feel connected to my past. Knowing that the materials had a history, and will continue to have a history, is important.”


Photo from Garth Borovicka


Photo from Garth Borovicka


Photo from Garth Borovicka