Meet Your Maker

Thelonius Kryptonite

Photo by Damon Davis

Meet Thelonius Kryptonite. A dynamic new-wave hip-hop artist from St. Louis. 

How is the St. Louis music scene?

“The St. Louis scene is cool. It’s getting way more competitive. A lot of young people coming up are just smashing. There are a lot of people coming out with great stuff. It’s exciting. The competition is getting way more fierce. That’s something we need because it’s going to make everyone else better, even the cats who have been doing it for years and years. They’re looking at the cats who are coming up and they’re going to say, ‘Let me get a little tighter.’”

Are you influenced by non-musical media?

“Most definitely. Sometimes I’m more of a visual artist than a sonic artist. Some of my stuff is inspired by movies. I’m actually a play writer as well, so I get to put that into the music, too. You can find art in everything we do. You could be riding on the train and come up with an idea.”