Distinct Distilleries of the Midwest

The Midwest farming roots produce the perfect fodder for distilling spirits. From the cornfields of Iowa, to the barley fields of Michigan, the Midwest states are a cornerstone for traditional and modern distilling techniques. Check out our roundup of some of the best distilleries the center states have to offer.


Rhine Hall | Chicago, IL

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Rhine Hall Distillery is a family run distillery that specializes in fruit brandies.  Their apple brandies start with apples from nearby Michigan 750ML bottle of Rhine Hall Apple Brandy requires 25 pounds of apples. This fresh fruit produces a delicious apple brandy that can be enjoyed as an after dinner drink or in a variety of tasty cocktails.

Coppercraft Distillery | Holland, MI

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Copperrcraft Distillery embraces the Grain to Glass approach to distilling their spirits. Committed to using grains from local farmers, they have produced an impressive array of spirits. Coppercraft currently offers rum, gin, vodka and citrus vodka, and has produced a few small batch whiskeys from corn rye and red wheat.

Old Sugar Distillery | Milwaukee, WI

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A Proudly midwestern distillery opened in 2010 Old Sugar, uses 100% Wisconsin grown Sorghum wheat to produce its Queen Jennie Sorghum Whiskey. Along with using local ingredients, Old Sugar Distillery is committed to reducing its carbon footprint.  With Solar panels on the roof of its facility and reusing mash as cattle feed, this is an extremely green spot to enjoy a cocktail.

Vikre Distillery | Duluth, MN

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This Duluth based distillery takes pride in their north woods roots. Their Boreal Gins come in juniper, spruce and cedar varietals paying homage to the woods that surround the distillery. Vikre rounds out its spirit offerings with a Scandinavian aquavit, Sugarbush Whiskey and Lake Superior Vodka sourcing the water from its namesake lake.  

Iowa Distilling Company | Cumming, IA

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Located in a hundred-year-old brick building, Iowa Distilling Company uses the best corn from the Midwest in their distilled liquors. Offering a locally sourced corn, rye and barley mash in a straight bourbon whiskey, Caribbean molasses imported from Barbados for a rum that is aged in deeply charred, virgin American white oak barrels for 2 years. This small town distillery is a must see.


Pinckney Bend Distillery | New Haven, MO


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In celebration of the history and tradition of the historic town of New Haven, Pickneey Bend Distillery uses local water from the Missouri River as the backbone of their spirit offerings: hand crafted American gin, three grain American vodka, and rested American whiskey. Pinckney even produces a tonic syrup developed specifically to harmonize with the flavor profile of their award-winning gin.


Union Horse Distilling | Lenexa, KS

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Founded in 2010, Union Horse Distilling Company is a family owned and operated, award-winning distillery with a passion for handcrafted, artisanal spirits. Using a grain to bottle operation, milling locally sourced grains to barreling and bottling, everything is done in house. If you stop by, check out the 500-gallon column pot known as “Chester Copperpot,” every spirit is still made in its large belly.