Modern Architecture in the Midwest

Last week we displayed Midwestern companies that are making a impact in the style scene and this week, we are showcasing style in a different way: modern Midwestern architecture. Check out our round up of some of the best modern architecture from the midwest!

Frederick and Harriet Rauh House | Cincinnati, OH


Designed by pioneering Cincinnati Modernist John Becker in Woodlawn. In September 2011, the restoration of the 1938 Rauh House was celebrated with a party honoring Emily Rauh Pulitzer — the donor of the house. A year later, the restoration of this pioneering modernist residence was completed.


Field House | Ellington, WI


Wendelle Burnette Architecture was inspired by the boxy barns and farm country of rural Wisconsin to create the Field House, in Ellington, Wisconsin. Adding a modern twist, the Field House is an observatory for watching the turn of the seasons and the cows walk by. A silo ladder in the study leads to the roof deck and offers a grandiose view of all that Wisconsin has to offer.


South Pond Pavilion at Lincoln Park Zoo | Chicago, IL


Part yoga pavilion, part outdoor classroom, the South Pond Pavilion at Chicago’s Lincoln Park Zoo is a stunning architectural statement located along the Zoo’s new Nature Boardwalk. Designed by Chicago-based Studio Gang Architects, the prefab pavilion is part of a larger effort to rehabilitate the zoo’s dilapidated pond into a natural habitat and exhibit of pond life.

Miller House Columbus | Indiana

Miller House 2

The Miller House, Located in Columbus Ind. showcases the pinnacle of modern design. Each facet of the building, its interior and its surrounding grounds are prime examples of the modern design of the mid 20th century. Eero Saarinen, Alexander Girard, and Daniel Urban Kiley who collaborated on the design of the St. Louis Gateway Arch brought their modern mastery to the design of this amazing house. The use of simple geometrical forms informs not only the design of the building, but also the interior and Landscape Design. It is undeniable that this is a property that is worth a visit.

Farnsworth House | Plano, Il.


The Farnsworth house is widely regarded as a pioneering structure in modern architecture.  Its clean lines juxtapose beautifully with the surrounding environment and have provided the architecture world a blueprint that many would follow for years to come. When a model of the Farnsworth House was first unveiled it was heralded as a whole new way to think about home design.  This home will forever be a part of architectural history and is open for the public to enjoy.