My Modern Midwest: Artistic Views Of Milwaukee

Melissa Malkowski is a Milwaukee native, born and raised. The designer, wife and mother spends her free time scouting unique and artistic perspectives of the city and its surrounds. Her favorite thing about Milwaukee is its mix of city life and quiet retreats, which she captures on her Instagram account @missymal1. For My Modern Midwest, Melissa picked her favorite artistic shots of the city.

“Take a seat at Colectivo Coffee right on Milwaukee’s lakefront. The historic water pumping station from the 1800s was converted into a café and coffee roasting operation.”

“Details from the Colectivo Coffee building, which was built as a water pumping station in the 1800s.”

“A shot of the city from the breakwater at Veteran’s Park along the lakefront.”

“The Quadracci Pavilion, part of the Milwaukee Art Museum, is probably one of the most recognizable buildings in Milwaukee. The structure was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.”

“Milwaukee’s City Hall right at high noon — the sun was in just the right spot!”

“I snapped this at one of the busiest corner in the city, Wisconsin Ave. and Water Street. I think it’s very fitting: German sausage and Milwaukee just go together! Usingers in one of the most well-known shops in town.”

“Details on the museum building of the Milwaukee Country Historical Society, founded in 1935.”

“Details on an apartment building in the Walker’s Point neighborhood. For me, this captures Milwaukee architecture.”

“I didn’t have to go far for this shot! This tree is in my own backyard. I snapped the photo in late fall with all the leaves gone and winter about to take hold.”

“You don’t have to go far from Milwaukee to reach farmlands. I took this photo on a farm just outside the city.”