New Studio Brings New Inspiration To Ceramist Maren Kloppmann

When ceramist Maren Kloppmann moved into a new studio and gallery space in northeast Minneapolis, it was only a few blocks away from her old location.

But it was worlds away in the impact on her art.

The new studio is light and airy, with high ceilings and partial walls to divide studio, office and gallery. As Kloppmann set to work in the new space, she realized that it was having a not-so-subtle effect on her porcelain ceramic pieces.

“I dare to be simpler,” she said. “The austerity of the space has influenced me to be even more austere in the work.”

With room for a larger kiln and more wall space for her mounted installations, the scale of her work has shifted, as well. She’s working bigger, creating larger pieces.

“The aspect of space is visually and conceptually part of my work,” Kloppmann said. “So the impact of the studio space is phenomenal. There is clarity and simplicity. I can see the work differently. The space becomes an extension of the vision of my work.”

As a professional artist, Kloppmann has to worry about not just showing her art, but selling it – especially her signature “wall pillows.” So having a proper gallery as part of her space is critical to her role as a small-business woman.

“I can show the pieces differently when they hang than I can on a laptop,” she said. “It has more of an edge of professionalism.”

Artists work with their minds and their souls. But it helps when the body has the right place to hang out.

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