Seven Pinterest Picks from Steven Swanson, of Danish Teak Classics

year Steven Swanson heads to Denmark and ships back crates filled with hundreds
of pieces of vintage furniture he’s spent all year picking out.  Swanson stands at helm of Danish Teak
a business that started as a hobby but quickly morphed into a full-time
endeavor in the late 1980s. Danish Teak Classics specializes in finding,
restoring and selling Danish modern furniture.

might be a piece in a warehouse in Denmark that someone recognized had value,
but they may not recognize it has value,” Swanson said. “We can pull that value
back out of it by putting it through our shop.”

eccentric team of artists and design professionals, including two master
craftsmen, repair veneers, tighten loose joints, reapply upholstery and do
whatever is necessary to restore furniture to its near-original condition.

don’t just find stuff and sell it. We find stuff that needs to be restored,”
Swanson said. “We analyze how to fix it and make it into something good again.”

week Modern Midwest will feature Swanson as the first of many guest pinners.
Each day this week we’ll share an image on Facebook and Twitter selected by
Swanson. To see his week’s worth of picks, head to our Pinterest page to find
Swanson’s board.

get a detailed look at the work Swanson does with Danish Teak Classics, watch
Modern Midwest’s video.