Sketchbook: Madison Glass Artist Shayna Leib Shows Us What Inspires Her Work

Some might call artist Shayna
a glassmaker. By the way she manipulates glass into brilliantly
colored sculptural pieces, others might call her a magic maker.

Leib’s artwork in her “Wind and Water” series demonstrate an
ability to capture natural, organic patterns and shapes and express them in a
sculptural glass landscape.


The Skinny:

  • Fun Fact: 
    Leib spent 14 years training in concert piano.
  • Shayna Leib

Leib works out of Madison, Wis., but her creations are shown across the country. In the Midwest, she’s currently exhibiting work at the Echt Gallery in Chicago and Habitat Galleries in Royal Oak, Mich.

We had the opportunity to ask Leib to show us several of her works and show us what inspires her.