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Hatch Maps Detroit

Every summer Hatch Detroit gives entrepreneurs in the city the opportunity to win big — to the tune of $50,000 to launch their brick-and-mortar business plan. Now in its third year, Hatch is expanding its scope. See how in this original illustration from executive director Vittoria Katanski and communication manager/multimedia artist Ashley Hennen.

Detroit Hatch Map


Navigate: When it comes to Detroit, the midtown and downtown neighborhoods are like the favorite children. Young, hip, fresh and new, they tend to get most of the attention. But Hatch Detroit wants you to notice those other kids—we mean neighborhoods—that make the city great.

To do that, Hatch teamed up with the Detroit Lions and the Neighborhood Community Development Corporation to start the Neighborhood Initiative program.

With that, the group set off into six communities to ask how they could help established businesses in the area. The first project? Better signage for storefronts on Fashion Avenue (aka Livernois Avenue).

“There’s a community minded spirit [here],” Ashley Hennen said. “If you’re looking to start a business or put on a show, there are always people interested in that and interested in helping out.”

Count Hatch in. The six neighborhoods in the program are outlined in the map. Next up? The Villages.

Avenue of Fashion: The community here is resurrecting its status as a fashion mecca. Boutiques are popping up all along the avenue, interspersed with new dining options. (Tip: Visit Jo’s Gallery or Motown Portrait for art, and Times Square for men’s clothing. Get a haircut at Michah’s Salon or head to Terry’s Enchanted Garden to surprise that special someone with fresh flowers.)

North End: Poised for a comeback. With the M1 Rail coming, artists and entrepreneurs are looking to call it home.

The Villages: Flanked by the river, and a short distance to downtown, this community offers some of the most diverse housing options in the city. Be sure to stop by Detroit Vegan Soul and the other independent businesses on Agnes!

Corktown: Detroit’s oldest neighborhood, but home to some of the newest and strongest retail in the city. Visit Detroit Institute of Bagels!

Southwest: One of the strongest and most diverse communities in the city. Home to hundreds of businesses ranging from restaurants and bars, to the best western shops in the metro area.

Grandmont Rosedale: Lots of winding streets and beautiful homes. 2012 Hatch contestant Amanda Brewington just opened her coffee shop here. We’re working with the local CDC to see that many more businesses open up here, too!