Take a Seat at Josie Lewis’ MN Table in the Union Depot

If you gaze out the green overlook at St. Paul’s Union Depot you’ll get a view of the Mississippi riverfront. But turn your attention inside the newly revitalized Lowertown building, and you’ll get an entirely new view of the Mighty Mississippi — one in paper and resin.

During the past two years the defunct rail station underwent a dramatic $243 million dollar renovation — part of which included commissioning and installing public art. Josie Lewis’ “Ode to Minnesota,” a collaged tabletop celebrating some of the state’s most well known people and places, was one such piece.

The St. Paul Regional Rail Authority hoped the Union Depot would become the “living room” of St. Paul — somewhere people could meet, eat lunch, study or simply pass the time. Lewis’ 9-foot long conference table (complete with pictures of loons, Judy Garland and Spam) fit the bill perfectly.

Lewis assembled the table in “the waiting room,” the grand hall area just after you enter from the concourse. But that doesn’t mean it has to stay there.

 “The table is on casters for move-ability, so it could be anywhere.” Lewis said. “I hope people pull it to wherever they want to use it.”