The Shop Dogs At Motto Boutique Select Their Store Favorites

When stepping into Motto Boutique, you feel right at home. Perhaps that’s because the store is situated in a stylish three-story house located in the heart of Minneapolis’ Uptown neighborhood.

Co-owner Maria Walker’s dogs feel right at home at Motto, too. Walker’s pups, Stella Valentine Artois and Monroe, live the life of luxury. They spend most days hanging out at the store and helping customers pick out their favorite fashion, home décor and gifts.

Get a glimpse into the life of a shop dog as Stella and Monroe show off their favorite pieces at Motto Boutique.

“One of our favorite pieces is the puzzle table! Each table has a travertine top and a gold finish on the legs. This table is fun because you can group two or three sets for a unique table. You can also rearrange and separate the tables as needed.

We also love the “Boys & Girls” mixed media paintings behind us by Sarah Wooster. Each piece is an original painting from the artist. Wooser paints over a print from Brown & Bigelow in St. Paul, revealing just a hint of what was there before.”

“We are just like any other girls and love going into the fitting room to try on some beautiful clothes and accessories! This stool makes the perfect way to add a bit of style to any room.”

“I once was a rescue pup, but I’m now sitting pretty on a crocodile embossed, velvet tufted loveseat.  I also love how much personality the Ikat pillows and cashmere/wool blanket add to the loveseat! Don’t you think they’re pretty?”

“Most of all, we love having fun exploring the store. You should stop Motto Boutique in Minneapolis and meet us!”

Motto Boutique
3105 Hennepin Ave. S.
Minneapolis, MN 55408