A Look at the Midwest Talent Behind William Rogue

Jeff Tietz knows how to merge a rustic Midwestern lifestyle with class. It’s that aesthetic that serves as the driving vision behind his online store, William Rogue.  In the upcoming months, we’ll profile the talented Midwest companies you can find at William Rogue, from a designer trying to prove the Midwest is more than a flyover place, to a company that turns canoe paddles into art. See the stories in the series so far, and stay tuned for more.


Outdoorsman With Style: Jeff Tietz Shows You How

 Growing up in a small town two miles from the St. Croix River, Jeff Tietz and his friends liked to hunt, hike and fish to pass the time. And sometimes they’d park their trucks amid the corn stalks for “field parties.” Read More

Flyover Press Wants You to Brag About the Midwest

With time to spare between graduating from college and starting a full-time job, Nick Yoder decided to kick up his feet and catch up on Sports Center. But the novelty quickly wore off and boredom set in. Read More


Wear Your Pride, One Loon at a Time

Few places can top the tiny town of Hayward, Wis., for Spencer Barrett.

“Some of the best times of my life were up at the cabin,” said Barrett, 23. “I’ve been fortunate to travel all around the world, but Hayward, Wis., is still probably my favorite place because of the memories.” Read More

Smokey Would Love The Stump Cooler

What can you do with the Stump Cooler from Wisconsin Products? Take it on an adventure. Use it as wheels for your mini-Flintstones car. Hide your Easter eggs in it. Read More

UnderFit Makes a Better Undershirt in the U.S.

Ben Brockland had a problem. Each day at the office he made several trips to the bathroom to tuck in his undershirt. With its loose fit and short cut, it simply would not stay in place. Read More