Zombies Are Coming To Iowa (Along With Kittens)

Bright acrylic screen prints from two Northern Iowa professors take over the walls of the Des Moines Art Center  with their garish, yet oddly alluring images of worn out pop culture clichés: zombies (another themed pub crawl anyone?), the Real Housewives, and portraits of dead artists and presidents. Not even puppies and kittens are safe from Tim Dooley and Aaron Wilson’s colorful renderings (though the two artists bumped unicorns in favor of Sasquatch). The pair’s newest work for the show is “PvK,” a 6-by-12-foot grid of “puppies versus kittens.” There’s also a wall of “Modern Zombies,” such as Duchamp, Braque, De Kooning, and Albers, the “dead white male Modernists,” or zombies of the art world.